Culture and Practice Change are a vital element to implement ICU based rehabilitation in the pediatric ICU – because even when we know what to do it can be really hard to get our large and diverse teams on board and manage resource limitations, change fatigue and differing views.

Here, experts from around the world discuss how they implemented change in their units – using everything from quality science to gossip and merchandise!

Invited guests are Dr Brianna McKelvie from @CHEO, an intensivist with a masters degree in quality science, Dr Matteo DiNardo from Bambino Gesu, who has implemented QI projects in Italy and in low resource settings and Dr Mirjana Cvetkovic @mirjanaxxx @GreatOrmondStreet a cardiac intensivist and anesthetist who has driven change at GOS. Featuring regular hosts @drpetaalexander @BostonChildrens @karen_choong @MCH-childrens @drgregkelly @SCHNkids

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Season 3, Episode 7
Published: February 24, 2023
Run time: 1:20

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