Early Mobilization in the #pedsICU with groundbreaker Sapna Kudchadkar from Johns Hopkins

Early Mobilization is enormously important because while survival continues to increase, so do the numbers of children who leave PICU with a new functional limitation. Survival is not enough anymore – it’s all about the quality of survival

Pediatrica Intensiva season 3 is guest edited by Professor Karen Choong from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada and co hosted by Drs Greg Kelly (Sydney Children’s Hospital Network), Peta Alexander (Boston Children’s Hospital) and Mike Clifford (Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne)

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Season 3, Episode 2
Published: May 11, 2021
Run time: 1.05.55

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Survival in PICU continues to increase around the world. The hidden cost of this is ever increasing numbers of children with severe, sometimes lifelong, problems…

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