Delirium is a hugely important topic in the #pedsICU with up to 90% of some patient populations being affected and impacts on disease severity, length of stay and quality of life, even months after discharge. It is related to underlying disease, but also to the drugs and abnormal environment that we expose our patients to.

Chani Traube and Deb Long are two of the foremost experts on pediatric delirium and offer countless pearls in this practice-changing conversation.

Pediatrica Intensiva season 3 is edited by Professor Karen Choong from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada and co hosted by Drs Greg Kelly (Sydney Children’s Hospital Network), Peta Alexander (Boston Children’s Hospital) and Mike Clifford (Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne)

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Season 3, Episode 3
Published: June 21, 2021
Run time: 1:24

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